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Monster #259 — Apocalypse Time!


Half way through doomsday here…I’m trying to use up that book of stamps I bought *just in case*.

Monster #380 — Send Help!

send help!

Monster #76 — Cake Emergency

cake dude

We ate the emergency cake this weekend. Now we have NO CAKE.

When I bake a cake (for no other reason than that cake is delicious) I cut it in half and put half in the freezer. There are only 1.5 cake-eaters in the house and a whole cake is just too much cake to have around. So I freeze half and label it EMERGENCY CAKE.

Eventually a day (no, probably a night, because you know emergencies only happen at night) comes where it’s apparent cake is needed. That’s when the emergency cake comes out.

The only problem with eating the emergency cake is: now there’s NO CAKE!