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Monster #259 — Apocalypse Time!


Half way through doomsday here…I’m trying to use up that book of stamps I bought *just in case*.

Monster #453 — Crisis Hour

crisis hour

Sure, it’s awful, but at least you can work it into your schedule.

Monster #441 — gobsmacked


Monster #420 — I’m FINE!

voz needs help!

Apparently, I’m anemic. I’m not sure it counts as being sick, but if you want to give me a vacation or a hug, I won’t turn you down.

Monster #406 — Welcome to Monday

it's bad

Who let this guy in?

Monster #400 — Bunny?


Dismay! Shock! Milk Chocolate!

Monster #398 — Mistakes were made

mistakes were made

Monster #395 — It’s probably a publicity stunt

where the heck

I swear, I’m coming back soon!

Monster #393 — MIA

out of pudding...

Monster #380 — Send Help!

send help!