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Doodle #543 – Not again!?

Sorry to end the week on such an upsetting note. I really hope this doesn’t ruin your weekend.

Doodle #535 – Ill-fated mango

This is one of the doodles that didn’t go on the mango page of the book I’m working on.

How’s that for cultivating mystery?

#503 – HP


Oh, the conversations I imagine housewives in the monsterverse having…

#496 – Things Voz Draws (#3)

Things Voz Draws #3

Those are supposed to be dinosaurs*.

Betcha couldn’t tell.

But now that I’ve told you what they are, you’re thinking, “Oh, yeah, those are totally dinosaurs.” right? You see their dinosaurishness, right? I mean, you believe me when I say they’re dinosaurs, don’t you?

*well, dinosaurs from the monsterverse anyway…

#495 – SHOUTING!!!




complain complain

You know who you are…

Monster #479 — The End is Near!

the end is near

I think if you’re going to claim the end is near, you should be specific. Better to avoid confusion at the end times, don’t you think?

Oh and HI, by the way. I was away, but now I’m back. Did you miss me?

Monster #472 — Vote NO!

i vote no

Monster #461 — Lookout!


At the corner of Lookout! and Watch it! Streets, in the town of OMG!

Monster #260 — Ned’s mistake

cupcake of humanity

Why Ned was purchasing cupcakes in just his knickers is anybody’s guess.