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Doodle #541 – And pony rides

FINALLY it’s the last week of school for my son. Four more days. That’s a long four days when it’s already, officially, summer (for real).

I’m spending those four days figuring out when and how I’ll get work done from now until September. As well as preparing bribes for myself so I’ll actually get business-related work done instead of just staying home every day and digging into my large stack of library books. I love my job, but I’m awfully fond of reading and lazing around and making excuses to go get ice cream, too.

But isn’t that pretty much what summer is about?

#513 – Froyo, yo!


Hey, I’m back. Sorry about the big lapse. I was getting froyo. It takes me a long time to decide on the toppings.

How are you?

#493 – Things Voz Draws (#1)

Things Voz Draws #1

Four hundred and ninety-three monsters later, some patterns emerge. Let’s see what they are.

Monster #392 — Next stop…

ice cream yay


Monster #342 — Tell me! Tell me!

we know something

If it’s where I mislaid my lovely fountain pen TELL ME!