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Doodle #552 – Don’t forget to bake before you die!

cutest shinigami
I guess soul reaping makes you peckish.

Monster #474 — Nap Time!

nap time

Every day at 2:30 my brain makes a gentle but irritatingly persistent suggestion to my body to sleep. Naps are good. Cookies are better.

Monster #445 — Next stop…


That’s after this stop.

Next stop is actually cookies in my house. I’m hosting a tea party tomorrow and am currently making lots of cookies to delight and astound my stuffed animals friends. If you’re not busy, stop by.

Monster #362 — The future!


How about you?

Monster #270 — 1-800-GOLEMS

if not you

Call the number on your screen.

Monster #255 — We said ‘please’.

cookies please?

If anyone finds out, let me know.

Monster #216 — Yes, let’s!

bake cookies

I don’t think I have a favorite cookie. Do you?