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Doodle #550 – Remember when…

when we were smart

The older my brain gets, the more I think this.

Doodle #547 – An eel of mystery

What’s this eel’s deal anyway? What does he mean?

Is it a revelation? He’s just now realizing he’s an eel? He seems pretty calm about it. Perhaps this is the moment he comes to terms with his eelness. That’s kind of beautiful, really.

Or is he making an apology? Maybe he feels he led us astray that time he wowed us with his knowledge of planets and black holes and the general bigness of the cosmos and he needs to set the record straight. He’s just an eel. An eel with knowledge, but a humble eel.

A confession? An affirmation? What do you think?


Please notice how I didn’t make a really bad pun up there about Eel deGrasse Tyson. I didn’t.

Doodle #545 – Whut?

How is it Wednesday already? Dang it. Busy week!

Here’s a two page spread from my sketchbook that makes about as much sense as a transcription of a dream.

Doodle #543 – Not again!?

Sorry to end the week on such an upsetting note. I really hope this doesn’t ruin your weekend.

Doodle #537 – NEWS FLASH!

So. There’s this monthly local paper in my area that’s sometimes highly informative, but mostly unintentionally amusing. I always read it cover to cover looking for the interesting bits. Usually it’s just entertaining letters from grouchy townsfolk, but this current issue has a photo of a man and a pineapple plant he grew.

There’s no story, just the photo of the man and his plant, a title and a caption. I don’t know who this guy is, or why his pineapple growing skills are worthy of a newspaper picture. I kept looking for mention of the photo in other articles in the paper, but there was nothing. SO confusing.

Since I use doodles to try and make sense of my world, I decided to make a doodle of the picture in hopes it would help me understand it. I copied the picture to the best of my abilities, with some artistic interpretation (the local guy wasn’t wearing a pink and orange striped maxi skirt), added the title and caption, and … I’m just as confused.

Doodle #520 – Retirement


Oh dear.

Doodle #519 – Not a Potato

not a potato

I can’t tell if this is a confession, an affirmation, or just denial. Would you know if you were a potato? What if you are, but you just don’t know it??

#502 – Raise your hand if you’re confused

raise your hand if you're confused

Poor snake.

Somehow I found myself without my usual supply of doodling pens on hand when I did this. So I used a different pen that was just hanging out in my bag. I don’t like my lines nearly as much. Change is hard.

Guest doodle #2 – I don’t have a viola.


Guest doodle the second from Aidan, who apparently makes about as much sense as I do.

#486 – Where indeed?

where indeed

Wait until he notices his toes are missing too.