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Monster #350! — How about you?

bad manners, etc

I make weird faces while other people are talking.

How about you?

Monster #344 — Advanced genealogy

83 percent

The other 17% is style.

Monster #343 — Oh.

better looking

At first I thought Mr. Purplestretchpants was talking to his hairy green friend, but now I think they’re looking at me.

Monster #324 — Bob says

bob says

Monster #322 — I Use SI Units!

si units

I haven’t gotten around to scanning my most recent doodles from my sketchbook so instead you get to see my most recent Fishcakes monster.

Science is woefully underrepresented in my designs. I’ve got grammar/punctuation and dessert covered, but very little science. I don’t want my scientifically-minded customers to feel left out, so the SI unit monster is here to save the day. Or at least measure it accurately in metres.

Monster #306 — Why doncha do me right?

Imitation Frank Zappa

Imitation Frank Zappa, apparently.

Monster #299 — Did you pay your dues?

The regrets club

I regret that extra minute I let my tea steep.

Monster #286 — I wear the pants!

the pants

What do you wear?

Monster #274 — No reason

no reason

For the most part my son is an enthusiastic and accepting fan of my doodles (and I’m probably warping his view of the world big time), but sometimes he asks me why questions.

Why is he just saying “sausage”?

Why is he happy he’s fired?

Why is he running away?

Why is the naked mole rat Swedish?

Why are they all confused?

I don’t ever have any answers. Things just come out of my head this way and I draw them. I guess I’m just preparing him for the nonsense of the real world and the many, many questions he’ll ask that have no answer.

Why is European chocolate so much better than American chocolate?

Why do people throw trash out their windows on the highway?

Why don’t people realize they’re being manipulated by media and giant corporations and religion to spend money on things they don’t need?

Why do people watch FOX news?

Monster #273 — What’s your problem?

what's your problem?

I’m out of clean striped socks!