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Monster #475 — Why is the coffee gone?

the coffee

Seems only fitting this should follow yesterday’s sleepy post.

Monster #384 — Donatsu!


Stay for Lunch? goes 3-D!

With doughnuts!

So, it’s technically not a doodle, is it?

I did doodle the trees, and I did make the monsters, but not the mammoth or the doughnuts or the iced coffee or the little monkey chap from photo #2.

You’re really nice though, so you’ll let me call it a monster doodle, right?


Voz says…

voz says

Monster #283 — Good Morning.


Actually, I really didn’t want to get up this morning.

Monster #253 — Saturday


I like how this reads. It makes it sound like I rolled down the hill to Cambridge. That would be swell. Instead, I had to drive.

Monster #231 — Busybusybusy


School starts next week (for my son, that is) which means back to work for me. Or, more accurately, back to the attic. I’m going to DC in October (DO NOT point out how alarmingly soon that is!) to sell my monsters to discerning customers. I have a lot of things to make before then. I hope my doodling doesn’t suffer as a result.

Today it’s not supposed to be obscenely hot so we’re going to the zoo. Ice cream will be eaten and I won’t think about deadlines or wonder why these monsters are standing in a giant petri dish. (Unless it’s a sandbox.)

Monster #189 — Almost


I’m kind of worried about the guy with the pot of coffee on his head, actually.

Monster #109 – crabby day


What do I do with my time?

what im about

Monster #52 — Need caffeine


One of the best things about compulsive doodling is that I can entertain myself anywhere I go. And I’m easily entertained, obviously. This doodle cracked me up for a good ten minutes. Simple pleasures for simple minds.