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Monster #293 — The end is near!

prepare part 1

This doomsday doodle was immediately followed in my sketchbook by the one below. I didn’t think they were related, but if it’s the end of the world, you might want to have a snack while you’re waiting for the horsemen to show up.

prepare part 2

Monster #264 — The madness

the madness

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you kids, I have been beeeeezy lately getting ready to sell monsters to all the good citizens of Washington, DC who happen upon my table at Crafty Bastards.

And that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend unless the hipsters kick me out for not being ironic enough.

I promise doodles when I return.

Monster #254 — Bed time

bed time

This is what bed time at my house looks like except the little monster would be hanging from the curtains or launching himself off the top bunk of his bed.

And, sadly, I do not own a nightgown with ampersands on it.

Monster #210 — Overwhelmed

suck your blood

Monster #96 – Things Fall Apart

things fall apart