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Doodle #554 – Drinky drinky bird says…

drinky drinky bird says

Get your own thermodynamic bird here!

Doodle #551 – Are you a princess?

No glass slippers or tall towers required for membership.

Monster #455 — Rosy-cheeked caperings: 10 miles

rosy-cheeked caperings 10 miles

This must be in the town of Uptonogood.

Monster #418 — Do it!

do it!

Um. Yeah…but do what?

Monster #347 — Always with the drama

o crap, etc.

I think that’s an antlion in pants, what do you think?

Monster #342 — Tell me! Tell me!

we know something

If it’s where I mislaid my lovely fountain pen TELL ME!

Monster #296 — What would Bert say?

eat the birds

Monster #268 — A weird bestiary


I think this is my new favorite color combination.

Monster #221 — Wherethefuggawee?


It’s the Sir Edmund Hillary of monsters.

Monster #221 — Confused by That Cliff

confused by the cliff

I wonder what has them so confused.