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Monster #287 – Maybe *this* is utopia?


stripes = compulsory (unless you have antlers)
shirts = optional

Monster #268 — A weird bestiary


I think this is my new favorite color combination.

Monster #190 — Totemo Isogashii!!


Totemo Isogashii = very busy.

Monster #105 – Something isn’t right

something isnt right

But my little chicken Houdini who was missing for three days came home yesterday. She’s unwilling to explain where exactly she was for all that time, though. Maybe somewhere with consistently warm temperatures and no bigger, bossy chickens around.

Monster #102 – Has anybody seen my legs?

Has anybody seen my legs?

I drew this at breakfast this morning. If you go to the flickr page (click the image itself) you can see the invisible speech bubbles Shorty and I added.

PS. Mz. FrankenT this isn’t the doodle I did for you. Tomorrow, I promise!

Monster #91 – Toast appreciation