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(finally) Monster #334 — For the person who has everything.

yak, gluten free

What a yak he’d be.

Monster #312 — Not so clever Hans

not so clever hans

Linky bonus, in case you’re curious: Clever Hans.

Monster #308 — Tora desu!

tora da!

He’s just jealous.

Monster #303 — What a shocker.

the dawning

Can I count this as a monster? It really looks like a cow. Well, a cow *I* would draw, anyway. It doesn’t look much like a real cow, though. Most cows have noses, don’t they? But is it monstrous enough to count as a monster?

How about if I tell you it eats puppies?

Monster #288 — The Mr. Sweater fan club!


This is a drawing of my son’s stuffed alligator toy, Mr. Sweater.

He talks with a Swedish accent. As you can see, everyone loves him. And his sweater.

We also have a stuffed toy crab named Nori. For some reason he has an Indian accent (like the splenda chap) and falls asleep if you turn him upside down.

We also have a gigantic stuffed dolphin named Corny and an equally gigantic stuffed catfish named Cate, but they only speak fish.

Monster #287 – Maybe *this* is utopia?


stripes = compulsory (unless you have antlers)
shirts = optional

Monster #281 — What’s the rush?

time's running out


Monster #278 — Party Mammoths

party mammoths

I’m not sure for what, though.

Cake and ice cream?
The disco ball to descend?
The semaphore burlesque act to start?

Monster #277 — Ooh!

nice tapir

Monster #274 — No reason

no reason

For the most part my son is an enthusiastic and accepting fan of my doodles (and I’m probably warping his view of the world big time), but sometimes he asks me why questions.

Why is he just saying “sausage”?

Why is he happy he’s fired?

Why is he running away?

Why is the naked mole rat Swedish?

Why are they all confused?

I don’t ever have any answers. Things just come out of my head this way and I draw them. I guess I’m just preparing him for the nonsense of the real world and the many, many questions he’ll ask that have no answer.

Why is European chocolate so much better than American chocolate?

Why do people throw trash out their windows on the highway?

Why don’t people realize they’re being manipulated by media and giant corporations and religion to spend money on things they don’t need?

Why do people watch FOX news?