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#495 – SHOUTING!!!



Bonus post! Voz is grumpy!


I ordered ink for my fancy-ass printer last week and it’s still not here. I can’t get the ink in stores, which I didn’t realize before I bought it. It’s an awesome printer, but when you’re out of cyan, you’re out of cyan until more comes in the mail. I don’t mind ordering it, but they said it would only take 2 or 3 days to get to me. It’s been much longer than that. Meanwhile…the print queue is growing and growing and growing.

Monster somethingorotherinthe400’s

hey voz,

I have displeased the monsters with my sad vocabulary skills.

You still love me though…right?

Monster #398 — Mistakes were made

mistakes were made

Monster #368 — No idea…

no idea what's going on

Do you?

Monster #254 — Bed time

bed time

This is what bed time at my house looks like except the little monster would be hanging from the curtains or launching himself off the top bunk of his bed.

And, sadly, I do not own a nightgown with ampersands on it.