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Monster #466 — Don’t ever change

as you are

PEOPLE. I have been so busy doing Things*. No time for pudding postings or questionable pastries. I assure you I have been doodling, though, so I have a backlog of monsters waiting to be uploaded. After next week, when Things calm down, I promise to shower you with scribbles and kisses. You’ll wait for me, right?

* you know, Things.

Monster #442 — New year, part 1

new year, part 1

Maybe turbans will be in this year. Or is that a bamboo shoot on his head?

Monster #438 — How to draw a monster

Look! Now you don’t have to wait for the next blog update to get your daily doodle; you can draw your OWN monster. Just like the pros Voz! Here’s a handy dandy step-by-step to get you started on your very own monster doodling spree. Won’t this come in handy when Voz gets lazy again and stops updating?

What are you waiting for? Grab your Swiss Miss pudding, the nearest pen, and get going!

how to draw a monster

Monster #430 — Push Back

push back

I once shared a studio with a woman who had a big sign on the back of the studio door that said PUSH BACK. I thought at first it referred to the door itself, like maybe it was hard to open or close so you had to push on it harder than you’d think, but it had nothing to do with the door. Just life. And Other People. You know what I mean.

Monster #421 – Advice


I ask for advice, this is what I get.

Anyone have a spare pony?

Monster #418 — Do it!

do it!

Um. Yeah…but do what?

Monster #382 — But you know you WANT to ask.

you know you want to ask

Oh, it’s that guy. I wondered when he’d show up again.

Monster #328 — You can be a mom!

you can be a mom

In case that magician thing doesn’t work out.

Monster #317 — You can be a magician!

Thinking about a career in magic?

It’s always good to have a fall back plan.

Monster #202 — Listen!


My neighbor is extremely concerned about tidiness. Her child is always spotless. His toys all look like they just came out of the box. Things are in their place. Always.

It sort of scares me to think about how much time and energy she spends cleaning things. And it’s kind of scary how little time I spend doing the same.

I’m all about sloth and chaos and accidentally leaving things out in the rain. And having chickens and a compost pile and going barefoot in the yard.

She must be as horrified by my lifestyle as I am by hers.