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Doodle #548 – Do I smell waffles?


Is that what shark jammies look like?

Doodle #547 – An eel of mystery

What’s this eel’s deal anyway? What does he mean?

Is it a revelation? He’s just now realizing he’s an eel? He seems pretty calm about it. Perhaps this is the moment he comes to terms with his eelness. That’s kind of beautiful, really.

Or is he making an apology? Maybe he feels he led us astray that time he wowed us with his knowledge of planets and black holes and the general bigness of the cosmos and he needs to set the record straight. He’s just an eel. An eel with knowledge, but a humble eel.

A confession? An affirmation? What do you think?


Please notice how I didn’t make a really bad pun up there about Eel deGrasse Tyson. I didn’t.

Doodle #546 – Woo hoo! Buckets!

What are you enthusiastic about?
I’m an enthusiasm enthusiast, myself.

Doodle #545 – Whut?

How is it Wednesday already? Dang it. Busy week!

Here’s a two page spread from my sketchbook that makes about as much sense as a transcription of a dream.

Doodle #544 – You’ll be AMAZED

Ever notice how some people only know two adjectives? Well, you will now, because I pointed it out.

Doodle #543 – Not again!?

Sorry to end the week on such an upsetting note. I really hope this doesn’t ruin your weekend.

Doodle #542 – Sad Chaps

What is bumming out these monsters? A pudding shortage? A new tax on trout husbandry?

We’re anything but sad at my house. It’s finally the Last Day of School ™, so summer can officially be officially here. Thanks for not rubbing it in that YOUR summer started ages ago.

Doodle #541 – And pony rides

FINALLY it’s the last week of school for my son. Four more days. That’s a long four days when it’s already, officially, summer (for real).

I’m spending those four days figuring out when and how I’ll get work done from now until September. As well as preparing bribes for myself so I’ll actually get business-related work done instead of just staying home every day and digging into my large stack of library books. I love my job, but I’m awfully fond of reading and lazing around and making excuses to go get ice cream, too.

But isn’t that pretty much what summer is about?

Doodle #540 – Obviously

If I had a dress like that, I’d wear it all the time. Of course, it wouldn’t look as good without the crown and boots, but I think I could make it work.

Doodle #539 – And maybe a cookie, too.

I forget what exactly made me doodle this, but I’m feeling less demanding at the moment.