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Thanks for visiting the Stay For Lunch? blog.

If you have a burning question related to the blog, the monsters, or why half the doodles seem to be about pudding, it might be answered here.

If you have burning questions about how the universe was formed or when we’ll finally be driving flying cars, you’ll want to look elsewhere. I don’t have that kind of information.

Who are you? I’m Voz and I’m a compulsive maker of stuff. I look exactly like that drawing up there. Seriously.

What’s this blog all about? I started this blog in January 2009. My goal was 365 monster doodles for the year, and I made it (after a few missed days and a big push at the end.) I’m continuing with the monster count, but at the moment I don’t have any specific goal. I’m just going to see how many monsters I can doodle and post. Who knows where it will go.

Why monster doodles? I like monsters. They have the ability to be completely generic—no specific gender or race or age—and yet easy to identify with. I like drawing them because I don’t have to be good at drawing. Nobody will notice if they’re lumpy or out of proportion—they’re monsters, that’s just how they look. Besides, it’s fun to draw pointy teeth.

So why are there so many posts about pudding? Because it’s delicious! Anyway, there are also lots of doodles about sweaters and golems and lucky flounders, so it’s not all about pudding.

Why is it called Stay For Lunch? ? If you visit, I hope you’ll stay. I’ll bake you cookies. We can have tea!

And if you visit, please leave me a comment to say hi. Thanks for looking.

♥ Voz

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