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Voz has questions.


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  1. HAHAHA! Oh my goodness, who’s pants ARE those?! Sometimes, it’s best not to question and to just fill yourself with chocolate.

    Curiosity begs me to ask: is there a significance to the number five?

  2. Frankenfish says:

    I’m sorry about the back. Hope today is better!

  3. Who the hell is Brendan O'Brien??? says:

    My, it makes me smile to see your work again…thanks for getting me the URL.

    And have you done something to your back? I thought you were wondering what you did to your bark…

    *love you very much*

  4. Dusik says:

    I dunno about wasps. I can’t figure this out myself, as well as “why does the ashvalt have to be grey? Wouldn’t it being green or red or even yellow give us brighter days and more happiness? :)

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