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Monster #106 – Impossibility (IF topic)

faster! faster!

My submission for the IF topic: Impossibility.

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  1. yisin says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeee.. i love your monsters ..

  2. Susan says:

    Charming, and too true.

  3. Franken Marie Saint says:

    Those elephants make me really happy!

  4. ahmil says:

    Great concept! I can see this representing a corporate world.

  5. Ohh…my…holy…freakin’….goodness! This is a GEM! I am laughing my head off, but it’s so true, so true!!!

  6. AHAHAAAA! Hilariously! This illustration is simply delicious!…

  7. Jade Nellans says:

    Wow… these are so cute. Must stay and browse more!

  8. tali says:

    hahaha! love the look on the little guy’s face. :D

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