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Monster #59 — Nandayo


I think somebody made fun of his sweater. Not very nice.
Nandayo in this situation more or less means What? In a What are you looking at? kind of way.

Incidentally, my calendar says it’s the 60th day of the year but I only have 59 monsters. Wha?? Did one escape?

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  1. Diana Evans says:

    these monster doodles are so cool!!!

  2. gwen says:

    i love that sweater with twice as much strength as anyone could ever make fun of it.

    i have two of your monsters and they are fabulous, thank you! it was so nice to receive in the middle of our gloomy rain.

  3. Frankensocks says:

    Perhaps someone gave his the ol’ malocchio…..

    I love that sweater! And his eye! And his nandayo.

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