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#512 – Pens

we need pens

I’m on a quest for the BEST!PEN!EVER! It’s very similar to the other quest I’m on for the BEST!SKETCHBOOK!EVER!, just pointier.

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  1. Harry says:

    Just in case you haven’t heard of it yet, take a look at the JetPens website. I’ve found three of my four go-to pens there: Ohto Graphic Liner, Pilot multiball, and the Rotring Tikky graphic. They pass the water-proof test, have dark black ink and the mark-making is smooth and consistent. The other favorite, Pilot’s precise V7, can be found just about anywhere. These pens are not expensive and don’t require maintenance like a technical pen. Good luck Voz!

  2. Voz says:

    OH! How many hours have I spent browsing their fine assortment of pens… I think it’s time to place another order and do a new pen test. Thanks for the tips and recommendations. And thanks for the comment; I love knowing what pens other people use/love.

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