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Monster #484 — It’s Pudding Hour!


Pretty much every hour, right?

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  1. Dusik says:

    No way! love pudding!

  2. Dusik says:

    Hey Voz! whatsup! kinda missing you :)

  3. DJ says:

    RYN: Yes, I think it was a hawk. But it might have been one of the shorter presidential candidates. Either way, I’ve invited all the neighborhood bunnies in until the coast is clear.

  4. DJ says:

    RYN: I think I had one sad little snowdrop come up out front. That’s all I’ve seen this year. Glad you have extras. Even gladder Mother Nature has seen fit to spread her charms around. (Now if only she would get some therapy for that nasty tornado side of her.)

  5. Bella Sinclair says:

    VOZZZZZZZZ!!!!! I hope you are enjoying an extended and very happy pudding break. I miss you! I would get you a pink helmet with pudding holders to see more monsters from you. :)

    Happy summer! Hope things are peachy!

  6. Jonah Clark says:

    It’s been pudding hour for a long time :'(
    Did the gate to the monsterverse temporarily close for more shippings of YES to arrive? I hope so, NO tastes too much like refusal.

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