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Monster #468 — I have a theory

i have a theory

My theory is crap too. How’s yours doing?

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  1. Em says:

    Yay! Voz is back! Answering my question for the day:
    Wo ist Voz?

  2. frankenette funicello says:

    Who needs a theory when you’ve got a beard like THAT?!?

    For the record, I like his above-the-knee-wear. It’s like those tapey things racehorses have at their ankles, only the color of those tannish M & Ms.

    I love the bewildered monster expressions best. This one’s a good ‘un.

    Hope you are not gluing your fingers together too much….

  3. DJ says:

    I’m afraid I’m all out of theories – but I *do* hope to start giving hypothesis rides starting this afternoon at 4.

    Hope your favorite theory is all better soon!

  4. jonah clark says:

    i have a theory! oh wait, i just forgot what it was. well anyway, i just came to say hi! HI!

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