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Monster #431 — NOW WHERE?

now where

All theories, rumors, wild accusations, and complete fabrications welcome! Where is Voz NOW??

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  1. justdoodleit says:

    The grapevine monster says…”Voz is being held hostage in pudding-land and forced to recapture runaway-raisins for a new recipe…”

  2. Voz says:

    Definitely plausible.

  3. justdoodleit says:

    Hello, Voz
    Check out my recent post that explains the weird behavior of your rooster and what he is actually attempting to say :)

  4. I just assumed that you were consumed by a hungry animal such as the carnivorous shaggy-haired african goat. I figured it would take several days for you to travel through the small and large intestine of this beast before you were fully digested and excreted.

    So I wasn’t too worried about your absence. I knew you’d be back eventually.

    …now go take a shower.

  5. Regan says:

    There’s a 24-hour pudding bar!?!

  6. Bella Sinclair says:

    I don’t know, but someone’s been running around outside with a giant vuvuzela stuck on her head. Could it be…..?

  7. Voz says:

    Jason, that was my excuse LAST time. Besides, the carnivorous shaggy-haired african goat got indigestion and has sworn off eating Vozzes forever. I’m hard to stomach, apparently.

    Regan, it’s a secret bar, cleverly disguised as a dry cleaning establishment. If you drop off your tuxedo and tell them you want “the agar treatment” for your cummerbund they’ll nod knowingly and quietly usher you to the secret side entrance that leads down a long set of stairs where they’ll check your ID (only card-carrying members of the Pudding Appreciation Society are allowed in) and let you into a vast underground room full of very happy people stuffed full of pudding. So, yes, there is a 24 hour pudding bar. Wanna go?

    Bella, it’s not ME! I swear! If they change the name to vuvozela I might consider it. Maybe you have a killer bee infestation?

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