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Monster #429 — First Prize!

first prize!

Did he win it because of that creature, or maybe the creature is first prize?

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  1. I think, with the help of his creature pal, he won first prize. I’m assuming that green outfit guy entered the annual “creature tossing competition” in which the goal is to toss a creature as far as possible.

    Green outfit guy had an unseen advantage though. The creatures in the competition all have to be the same size and weight to keep things fair for all contestants. However, green outfit guy is a cheater. Prior to the competition he pumped air into his thin and underweight creature, giving him the look of being plump, when in fact he only weighed a couple of pounds.

  2. justdoodleit says:

    Looks like someone had some luck at the Annual Colorful Creature Giveaway Convention!
    Which btw, is monsters’ own comic con ;)

  3. Kelly says:

    I thought the creature was the prize! If not, I think he needs a prize ribbon!

  4. frankenboot says:

    Your prizewinner is wearing some real Waltons-type long underwear. AND it’s mint green. I really wish you could dress the world. Your taste is fabulous!

    I love the creature’s pose. It’s like when a cat is uncertain about your picking him up. And the look on his face is hilarious

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