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Monster #425 — Oh, you stop it!

you stop it

I mean that specifically as well as generally, but not if you’re making me some cupcakes. I would never tell you to stop if you’re making me cupcakes.

PS. Yesterday was canceled, that’s why there was no doodle. You got the memo, right? You didn’t show up did you?

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  1. If yesterday (Tuesday) was cancelled, does that mean that today is still Wednesday, or did Wednesday get pushed back a day and it’s still Tuesday? Does that make tomorrow Thursday or Wednesday? Does this mean that we’ll have to change all of our calenders from this point on until the end of time?

    If yesterday was cancelled, but nobody told me, did it still exist…or did it only exist for me? If Tuesday never happened, then how do you explain a receipt I have (dated yesterday) for a tube of garlic and herb toothpaste I bought from the drug store. If yesterday didn’t happen, and I never bought that toothpaste, then why does my breath smell like garlic and herb?

  2. Voz says:

    Jason – You need to lie down and take some deep breaths now. Or maybe after you buy some proper toothpaste.

  3. I have no time to lie down. With the cancellation of Tuesday I’m a day behind now…or am I a day ahead?

  4. Bella Sinclair says:

    Voz! Voz! Voz! I’ve missed you! Oh, silly me. I needed to come by here sooner. You are just what I need for a giggle and a tickle. Heyyyy, I just noticed something. A lot of these latest guys seem to have a case of the grumpies.

  5. every once in a while reading your posts that go with your doodles gives me a good chuckle. This was one of those posts.

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