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Monster #410 — Co-doodle


This is a doodle started by my son that I finished. This is how we pass the time if we have to wait somewhere and need to be distracted from the fact that we’re waiting—like in a restaurant or in line at the bank. One of us draws some shapes and hands it to the other to finish. I’m so predictable. I always turn mine into monsters. In this case it turned out to be Totoro eating pizza. In a dress sort of thing. Or something.

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    Okay, I’m done.

  2. franken-LH on the P says:

    Which is cuter–the pizza, or the fact that you guys do this?!

  3. Bella Sinclair says:

    ‘Tis a widely known fact that totoros are lactose intolerant. And love wearing dresses.

  4. Voz says:

    Ohhhh. So that explains the fart. I’m glad he went over to your blog after he had lunch then.

  5. viince says:

    Totoro is in my dvd player as I type this! ^_^
    I really like this btw.

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