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Monster #405 — Candy?


Happy Easter if you’re celebrating. If not, Happy Excuse to Eat Chocolate. Not that you need an excuse.

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  1. frankentooth. says:

    Love the colors on this one. And the neck on the dude on the right. But it’s the Where’s Waldo? pants on the bunny that REALLY get me!

  2. Voz says:

    OMG they’re totally Waldo’s pants, aren’t they?

  3. frankenstella says:

    I think that’s why I want them. Is it wrong that I secretly aspire to dress like Waldo? (He’s got that peppermint theme with GLASSES *and* a pom-pom hat going on. What’s not to love?)

    I hope you got some day-after-Easter-on-sale candy!

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