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Monster #401 — Ready to *squee*


I wonder how long she’s been waiting.

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  1. frankenboot! says:

    Mr. Darcy seems to be giving the cupcakes the ol’ “Come Hither” eyes….

    It’s been so long since I heard the word “squee”! And I love that the banner has fringe–just like Snapp’l’s gloves…..

  2. Miriam says:

    hahahaha, that monster looks like an instense Austin reader.

  3. cater says:

    By the look in her eyes, she’s been waiting a long time to devour him!

  4. Jen A says:

    Hehe. I like that.

  5. frankenmckean says:

    Still funny a week later…..

  6. Aww, hope springs eternal!

    I’ll pass on those cupcakes, thank you.

  7. franken-LH on the P says:

    I swear, it just gets funnier! Mainly it’s her very upright stance combined with the funny-footed tower of cupcakes (also very upright). She’s got great eyes, but she really can’t do the Darcy smolder….

    **Mr. Darcy must have been very good about taking his eyedrops, says Ned.***

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