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Monster #398 — Mistakes were made

mistakes were made

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  1. Miriam says:

    The only mistake is getting caught.

  2. Oh good heavens! You’ve got the fawning monsters, and now the critical monsters….. I feel like Sybil!

  3. Voz says:

    I’m sorry Bella, they really are unpredictable, aren’t they?

  4. franken-michael mckean says:

    “You stink” is my fave. Though the tail on “I’m telling Mom”‘s romper is marvellous. P.S. I love the word “romper.” (Go on and say “I hardly knower” for old time’s sake).

    Don’t you wish you had “Rubbish”‘s pants? They’re very circus sideshow.
    Think they sell those at Sears? God, I miss you!

  5. justdoodleit says:

    Hahaha…looks like they all watched a bad Hollywood action flick.

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