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What now??


Hmm. Did I?

I missed you. I couldn’t stay away. Besides, I have all these doodles…

Should I start at #1 again? Should this be #366? Should I just give up keeping track? What do you think?

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  1. cater says:

    Yay! You’re back! I missed the monster part of my day!
    I personally think that you should stop keeping track so that it doesn’t cause you panic if you “fall behind.” On the other hand, if having a number helps you do what you want to do, then stick with the goal of one per day. I am really glad you’ll be putting up more creatures to share. I truly love them!

  2. Yippeeee, I see you! Ah man, the post-climactic funk. I think it would be nice to keep numbering from 366, you know, just to see how high you can count. But no need to put undue pressure on yourself to have one posted every day. Now it’s just for your pleasure. And of course, ours. :)

  3. gwen says:

    I’m for 366 also. maybe shoot for 400 or 500 then see what you feel like then. maybe you will end up with ONE THOUSAND MONSTERS.

  4. justdoodleit says:

    Welcome back! Did miss these cute, weird, monster fellows.

    Numbering from 366 sounds cool but no pressure. You can add whenever you feel like working on your arithmetic ;)

  5. DJ says:

    Is it true?? Is it really you???

    *Calling the Home Office for authentication*

    YAY! I was *so* afraid someone had permanently lured you away with promises of softer socks and sweeter pudding!

    As for the numbers thing…. The world is full of unemployed numbers. Maybe you could hire a few at random? (17,053 is starting to look especially desperate to me.)

  6. Voz says:

    Thank you, thank you for the comments! I will go on from here and see what happens. Monster #366 is next. (We’ll call this one my 2010 warm up doodle.)

  7. Jason Curtis says:

    I missed you and your little monster friends.

    As for the numbering, I say just continue doing what you’re doing. I’d love to see you hit 10,000 (no pressure though). Hehee.

  8. nixie knox says:


  9. Yay! Im glad the monster-march of Voz is not yet over! I was a little sad when I saw your signing out post…. but now I am happy again

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