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Monster #356 — Mmm Mochi

mochi + lucky flounder

Lucky Flounder is contemplating which mochi to eat first.

Hope you’re out there contemplating something delicious too.

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  1. Jenb0t says:

    the ones with the shiso leaves are the yummiest!! Save them for last!! Then stop by my house for snuggles!

  2. justdoodleit says:

    Lucky flounder is really lucky with such a colorful variety of delicacies! Happy Holidays Voz!

  3. cater says:

    Yay! I am glad Lucky Flounder got his mochi in time for christmas! I have funny stories from western pa to tell you…

  4. OH. MY. GOSH. HOW AWESOME IS THIS????!!! mmmmmmm….mmmmochiiiii

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