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Monster #353 — What’d you do?

hedge hoggery

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  1. Jason Curtis says:

    Wow, I feel guilty and I didn’t even do anything!

  2. Voz says:

    She’s probably a mom. They can have that effect.

  3. justdoodleit says:

    Makes me wonder if hedge-hoggery involves spines? hmmm…

  4. justdoodleit says:

    and Mumbo Jumbo, elephants and Hocus Pocus, convex lenses!

  5. DJ says:

    I really wish people and doodles alike would take the time to at least taste my new and improved mumbo jumbo hocus pocus hedge hoggery before saying things like that….

  6. gwen says:

    I totally agree. NO FLIBBER-FLABBER!

  7. *gulp* I’ve been away too long, and yes, I deserve a tongue lashing for it. I like your kerchief, by the way. It offsets the angry eyes very nicely.

    Voz, happiest holidays to you and your family, including all the monsters that live here!

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