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Monster #328 1/2 — Ha ha ha

are you serious?

I thought was so ahead of the game ordering a huge quantity of the wooden blocks I need for my rubber stamps. I got them and tucked them away because I didn’t think the stamps themselves would get here in time for my big deadline (THREEFREAKINGDAYSFROMNOW), but I got an e-mail saying the stamps had been shipped. yay! So I opened my big box of wooden blocks to put the labels on so I’d have a head start when the stamps arrived.


ha ha ha

First I had to verify it wasn’t MY mistake. This is exactly the kind of thing I do (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered the wrong size envelopes for my cards), but it wasn’t my mistake this time. They just sent the wrong thing. G-06 instead of G-05. 600 of them. That’s an awful lot of the wrong size block.

I haven’t heard back yet, but I hope they’ll be overnighting me at least 100 of the size I actually ordered. I was very polite in my frantic e-mail.


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  1. DJ says:

    I’m in awe, Voz. I’ve never mastered the art of being polite while shaking uncontrollably and screaming my head off.

  2. ACK! Oh NO, oh NO! Gawd, you’re my hero for keeping your head and humor about this. I sure do hope they send it, seeing as how you’re a good customer and all. I’m going to go pray to the Jesus fish now.

  3. justdoodleit says:

    If the deadlines weren’t so demanding, you could’ve waited for time to erode that extra 1/4″.

  4. frankenboot says:

    Though this was very sad, your drawings made me laugh out loud for real…..

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