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Monster #315 — There are 38 days left in 2009

how does that make you feel?

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  1. Jason Curtis says:

    I love that angry hairy thing with the pants. I wonder why he’s so angry though?

    The small guy is cute as a button, I’d like to have him as a pocket pet. He’d sit in my shirt pocket all day and help me out when I’m conversing with other people. He’d whisper witty one-liners and intelligent facts to me so that I could repeat them to whomever I was speaking to, which would make me seem funny and smart.

  2. Dusik says:

    excited! it makes me feel excited and a little scared..

  3. Kelly says:

    I feel all of those things today! It’s an angry, sad, lost, small day. Your bright yellow monsters make me feel better though. =) If only we could help them!

  4. DJ says:

    It makes me feel real stupid for continuing to write 1998 on all my checks….

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