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Monster #314 — It’s all about cheese.

the cheese course

Do you think they mean that philosophically?

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  1. DJ says:

    I get the strong feeling that “cheese” is being used as a symbol here – but a symbol of what? Secret desires? Greek cuisine? Italian tradition? Frenchness? The spiritual milk on which time has passed and found pure?? Help!

  2. justdoodleit says:

    If they are referring to Swiss cheese…I remember it being used as a metaphor for our expanding universe – something like chunks of matter and humongous voids existing together…oh heck, all this Sunday morning Physics is making me real hungry and crave for cheese sandwich!

  3. Voz says:

    Wow. I didn’t mean to stir all this up. Sorry, guys. I’ll try to refrain from philosophical doodles from here on out.

    I make no such promise about cheese.

  4. Jenb0t says:

    O those fat capybara/guinea pig/beaver-like monsters are the best! If they visit me there will be plenty of cheese for them!

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