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Monster #293 — The end is near!

prepare part 1

This doomsday doodle was immediately followed in my sketchbook by the one below. I didn’t think they were related, but if it’s the end of the world, you might want to have a snack while you’re waiting for the horsemen to show up.

prepare part 2

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  1. justdoodleit says:

    Makes sense. One can’t be too sure about sandwich and donuts in the otherworld!

  2. Jason Curtis says:

    The “Doomsday Donut”….I can see that being a big seller. I guess the hole in the center of the donut would represent the void of existence.

  3. Voz says:

    Wow. Who knew it was more than just sugar, flour and fat?

  4. DJ says:

    Well, I have a note from my doctor excusing me from doomsday, but I’m certainly more than willing to help keep others company while they’re waiting for the horsemen to show up if they’re willing to share their snacks with me.

  5. Asja says:

    yes, it makes perfect sense. it not good to wait on a doomsday with an empty stomach :)

  6. It appears they took off their shorts as well… maybe they traded them to buy their snacks…

  7. Tomas says:

    I like your characters. Here I love the lines and colors out.

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