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Monster #281 — What’s the rush?

time's running out


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  1. Jason Curtis says:

    Wow Voz, this piece really hit home for me. Lately I’ve been feeling very rushed, and it seems that I’m flipping the calender far too often (where does the time go?). I recently read a quote that I fell in love with…

    “Slow down in order to catch up”

    I find that when I deliberately slow the process down, simplify, and keep a calm state-of-mind, I can accomplish much more in any given amount of time. It’s so easy to always feel under the gun though.

  2. justdoodleit says:

    A lot of drama in this one. That poor fellow standing on worms is being pulled in opposite directions!

    I always go for a swim to avoid panic attacks. My theory is – There’s hardly any space underwater for air bubbles, leave alone thought bubbles!

  3. I need to listen to those little peeps.

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