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Monster #280 — Go Away!

go away gate

For illustrative purposes only. I don’t really want you to go away. I want you to stay for lunch!

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  1. DJ says:

    “For illustrative purposes only.”

    I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that *everything* is….

    *Keeping a close eye on that left post dragon lest it start chasing me around like that squirrel I dreamt about last night*

  2. justdoodleit says:

    For a change gargoyles are spewing fire instead of water.

  3. Voz says:

    They look pleased with the change, don’t they?

  4. Jason Curtis says:

    That guy looks pretty happy to be saying “Go away”.

    …I can only assume that his in-laws are leaving after a long visit.

  5. I frigging love those dragons.

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