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Monster #275 — Is it bedtime yet?


It wasn’t, but it is now.

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  1. DJ says:

    Hope you’re enjoying sweet dreams!

    (And by sweet I mean naturally sweet rather than artificially sweet. Those tend to leave a bitter aftertaste.)

  2. DJ says:

    (And by those I mean the artificially sweet ones – not the other kind.)

    (And by other kind I mean….)

    (Ok, I think it’s time for ME to go to bed!)

  3. Voz says:

    I wish I’d read this before I went to bed. Then maybe I would have been preoccupied with trying to figure out what you mean when you say “other” and “those” and “the” and “and” instead of dreaming about the neighbor driving insanely all over the yard in his giant diesel truck with the offensive bumper sticker.

    But since you brought up artificial sweeteners, did you see this: Monster #259

  4. DJ says:

    Oh, you poor dear!

    *Pouring you a cup of my finest Anti-Diesel Truck Dreams tea*

  5. DJ says:

    And no – I confess, I did not see Monster #259 until you directed me to it. Please envision me now saying 259 Hail Vozzies in sincerest penitence!

    And now that I *have* seen it, I can’t keep from smiling at the thought that Splenda is the Hindi and/or Navaho word for “rest room”….

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