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Monster #268 — A weird bestiary


I think this is my new favorite color combination.

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  1. Dusik says:


    this reminded me of a joke:

    Teacher says: “Students, please write this sentence in your workbooks: A fish was sitting on a tree.”
    One student is says with a surprise: “How is it possible, that a fish sits on a tree?”
    Teacher is stunned… and then replies: “Ehhh… Well… it was a crazy fish”


    (sorry. i have this tendency of translating jokes, and they almost never come out funny.)

  2. justdoodleit says:

    Gotta love that Thing thing!

  3. I support that color combo for sure.

  4. hahaha CUTE! Nice one VOZ made me giggle

  5. frankenshorts says:

    I love the wolf thing. Just so you know!

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