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Monster #267 — You can’t fire me; I quit!


Sometimes I fire myself when I’m not doing a good enough job. But then I always have to beg me back again with promises of extra coffee breaks and bonuses in the form of chocolate bars and sushi.

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  1. Jason Curtis says:

    Yes, I run my own business and sometimes I have the urge to fire myself…but other days I’m more generous and think that I should buy myself a company helicopter.

  2. justdoodleit says:

    I wonder what that first interview was like when you had to hire yourself .

  3. hahaha Ive never seen one be so happy after being fired!

  4. I wish I fire myself and hire someone else to do the rest of my pieces for my show in November.

  5. Voz says:

    I’ll do them if you don’t mind a sprinkling of nipples, striped socks, and pointy teeth.

  6. Dusik says:

    LOL! this guys who says “i’m fired” is so cute :)

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