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Monster #258 — Something else

something else

Has anyone noticed I can’t count? I routinely have to go edit the numbers of my monster posts because I’ve missed one or ten or two dozen. I just fixed the last ten I posted because they were in the 150’s instead of the 250’s. I’d like to say this is only an occasional thing, but it’s more like once a week.

And speaking of numbers, my alarming look-how-fast-time-is-speeding-by-you-OMG-don’t-you-feel-old-now calendar says there are only 100 days left in 2009. Crazy.

Oh, and hey, it’s Autumn now.

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  1. Jason Curtis says:

    I’ve never had a good relationship with numbers Voz, so you’re not alone.

    Happy Autumn by the way.

  2. my guess…
    5 parts wild boar
    2 parts bull
    2 parts shartk
    and 1 part poodle…

    am I right?

  3. Alina says:

    FUN FUN cow design!

  4. Voz says:

    Which part is the poodle? The creative shaving?

  5. haha I was thinking the poof at the end of his tail was the poodle contribution :)

  6. viince says:

    the image was loading a little slower than usual from top to bottom. So it was extra funny to read “but what?” when it finally popped up. I lol’d.. haha..

  7. frankenbonnet says:

    I love the ‘tude of this dude, and that he’s on a skateboard. He’s got a lovely ruff.

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