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Monster #235 — The abyss


Ooh…I wonder.

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  1. Dusik says:

    (i shared it on facebook.. you are the best)

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You made me spit out my NOSE! Hahahahaha! Ooh, I’m having the grandest time here. It’s a monster party! I tell ya, getting exposed to this many new monsters at once should come with a warning by the Surgeon General.

    And Happy Belated birthday to your son! Wooohooooo! How awesome was that cake. I want the piece with the eyeballs.

  3. Voz says:

    Nice to see you again, Bella.
    Next time I’ll save you the eyeballs.

  4. frankenboot says:

    THEEE Best Horse Ever. I can’t help but say thanks for sharing these…. they’re making me very happy.

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