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I am the mother of a 9 year-old now.

Lucky Flounder cake

My son likes lucky flounder a lot. He was very pleased with his birthday cake.

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  1. Ren Burke says:

    Ooo! I want a lucky flounder birthday cake too!

  2. Jason Curtis says:

    This is amazing Voz…and if it tasted as good as it looks, I’m sure your son was a happy boy.

    I do hope you removed the fish bones though. There’s nothing I hate more than to bite into a fish bone when I’m eating cake.

  3. Dusik says:

    please accept my warmest regards!

  4. nice work on the cake- this is fun! I just hope it didnt taste like fish :)

  5. M. Frankenboot says:

    What a cute flounder that is (and made of jimmies!)! Clearly the lucky flounder is not related to Mr. Sad Fishie!

    I’m glad the birthday boy liked his cake. :)

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