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Monster #216 — Yes, let’s!

bake cookies

I don’t think I have a favorite cookie. Do you?

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  1. rae says:

    i like sugar cookies best. in any form!

    i love the rabbity creatures on the bottom.

  2. Jason Curtis says:

    Mmmm, cookies!

    My favorite are homemade chocolate chip. I’d probably do just about anything if a fresh-from-the-oven cookie is dangled in front of me.

  3. Dusik says:

    i love chocolate chip cookie
    and also i have a recipe of cookies…
    those cookies my husband calls “crack cookies” :) ’cause you can’t stop eating them

    when we move i’ll find the recipe and will show you

  4. frankenberry says:

    Well, I like the kind with snozzberries!

    I’m in love with that mouse’s pants! This drawing pleases me more and more the closer I look. My favorite part is the hand-holding creatures who look like guinea pigs who are also rabbits. But I also love the guy standing on top of them, and the legs of the mouse.
    I also love the colors.

  5. All those monsters in 1 kitchen trying to make a batch of cookies? I cannot imagine that they come out that great… too many little paws throwing ingredients together…

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