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I wasn’t here, but now I am.


I’m home! Did you miss me? I bet you didn’t even know I was gone. Well I was.

For a whole week I was away from my home and laptop and scanner and wide array of writing instruments and inspirational chaos. Using a combination of entries scheduled to post while I was away and a few wrestling matches with my mother’s scanner, I managed to keep the monsters going, but only barely.

There’s no monster for today, but if there were a monster for today it would have a sore butt and bleary eyes from too many hours in a car on the highway.

But it would be very happy to be home.

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  1. cater says:

    I missed you! Let’s talk soon! hope it was better than you feared! xoxo

  2. frankenpyjama says:

    I bet the chickens would have missed you, if chickens were capable of noticing anything other than chicken feed or pebbles shaped like chicken feed!

    Glad you’re back! Looking forward to catching up with you.

  3. Dusik says:

    welcome back!
    i didn’t know you were gone, but it’s even better for me, because with all these changes i don’t get to go anywhere :(

    but i am happy you are back!

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