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Monster #202 — Listen!


My neighbor is extremely concerned about tidiness. Her child is always spotless. His toys all look like they just came out of the box. Things are in their place. Always.

It sort of scares me to think about how much time and energy she spends cleaning things. And it’s kind of scary how little time I spend doing the same.

I’m all about sloth and chaos and accidentally leaving things out in the rain. And having chickens and a compost pile and going barefoot in the yard.

She must be as horrified by my lifestyle as I am by hers.

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  1. gwen says:

    what??? you go barefoot in the yard???? barbarian!

    p.s. clean kids give me the heebie-jeebies.

  2. justdoodleit says:

    *Hahaha* What an amusing story Voz :) Looks like extra effort is required from both of you to “love thy neighbour” !

  3. frankendonald says:

    In that case, break out the glitter!

  4. Dusik says:

    oh voz!!!
    i wish i was your neighbor… i mean. i would show my husband “see???? other people do that too!!!!” :)

    and.. if you were my neighbor, i would come for a cake from time to time :)

  5. Is that why the water is green? :)

    My kids always play outside in the dirt barefooted. Sometimes the suck on rocks…. that is until I get to them and take them away- then they think im a monster!

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