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Monster #201 — Fishsnax


They’re kind of like those little goldfish crackers except they’re real fish. And they’re surprised.

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  1. scalatore says:

    do you know that in china they have small dried fishes as crackers. really delicious!
    thanx for your comment ;-)

  2. frankenkitten says:

    I like that bristly dude.

  3. cater says:

    I love the surprise on the fishes’ faces. I would be surprised too, I suppose!

  4. Dusik says:

    me and my cat prefer real fishes :)
    those snax ones are fattening
    and we both are already fat :))))

  5. I swallowed a goldfish once for 10 bucks… Maybe I have more in common with monsters than I thought…

  6. Love it. i like how you left the animals uncolored.

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