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Monster #200! — A little late, but I made it.


This isn’t really a big dome of a cake. It’s actually a half of a cake placed on its side (cut side down) — we put the other half of the cake in the freezer for the next CAKE EMERGENCY. I sleep better knowing it’s there.

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  1. scalatore says:

    congratulations! the cake looks mouthwatering. mhhh! (i think it’s coffeetime)

  2. Aveen says:

    Congratulations on 200 monsters! The cake looks yummy – glad I’m not the only one who has cake emergencies :)

  3. Happy indeed! Congrats- woot woot!

  4. frankenwarwick says:

    I know that cake is probably chocolate inside–10 out of 10 Abuelitas would approve!

    p.s. You have a really pretty plate for your cake.

  5. cater says:

    I hope that was your emergency birthday cake. If you didn’t get mine in the mail, that is…

  6. Dusik says:

    next emergency? ha ha ha! like your birthday again? :))) or 300 posts? :)))

    i need a cake in a hurry

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