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Posts from ‘January, 2014’

#506 – Tyrannical Friday

tyrannical friday!

File this under “bad ideas”. Although, it is the weekend…

#505 – Seconds


If I wore a wig, I’d also wear a cat wearing a hat. Wouldn’t you??

#504 – Let me entertain you…

let me entertain you

Think he’ll do magic? Song and dance? Impressions? Anagrams?

#503 – HP


Oh, the conversations I imagine housewives in the monsterverse having…

#502 – Raise your hand if you’re confused

raise your hand if you're confused

Poor snake.

Somehow I found myself without my usual supply of doodling pens on hand when I did this. So I used a different pen that was just hanging out in my bag. I don’t like my lines nearly as much. Change is hard.

#501 – And fleas

and fleas

Well, I am kind of itchy. I think it’s the cold weather, though. Not fleas.

#500 – Eels, no eels

eels, no eels

Fancy eels, people. Fancy ones.

#499 – Things Voz Draws – (#7)

Things Voz Draws #7

I do like snakes, but really, I draw them because they’re easy to draw and I’m lazy.

#498 – Things Voz Draws (#6)

Things Voz Draws #6

Oh, I draw a lot of fat things. I’m quite fond of fat, blobby things. Especially if they look like they’re in their jammies.

Guest Doodle! Time to take a nap…

Time to take a nap

More guest doodles! This one from Anu Chathampally who has a blog at